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The Front Lines of Nurse Staffing Shortages

Acute care was ground-zero for the fight against COVID, and three years later we are still feeling the effects of the toll the battle took on experien...

TCX Continuing Education Elearning 2020

Webinar: Optimized Vascular Access in the COVID-19 Patient

TCX Continuing Education Elearning 2020

TCX WebX Speaker Tips

At The Clinician Exchange, we want every webinar we host to offer the greatest experience for our hosts/panelists, clients, and audience participants....


A Proven Customer Engagement Strategy for Medtech

How do you keep customers engaged in a digital world where information overload minimizes the impact of traditional marketing?

MedTech Elearning

4 Med-tech Marketing Strategies That Move The Needle

The healthcare industry is rapidly evolving and the pressure is on to find new ways to stay competitive. Historically, enterprise level healthcare pro...

MedTech Elearning

5 Ways to Improve your E-Learning Solution

Frustrated with your E-Learning Results? According to Forbes, 84% of global executives rank e-learning as important or very important and the market f...

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