on July 24, 2018 MedTech Elearning

5 Ways to Improve your E-Learning Solution

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Frustrated with your E-Learning Results?

According to Forbes, 84% of global executives rank e-learning as important or very important and the market for e-learning is expected to boom to over $275 billion by 2020. 

E-learning is the perfect sales tool for the healthcare industry. It can overcome internal and external challenges by reducing  sales and marketing costs and delivering better results than outdated traditional forms of marketing.

And it is fast and easy to implement which aids in accelerated communication and in the efficient distribution of complex med-tech related information.


So, why is it so hard to come up with effective e-learning programs?

The healthcare industry is unique and complex, and many e-learning programs simply can’t adjust to the nuances and customer service is dismal, at best. Here's what we hear from clients.

Top Complaints about E-Learning Healthcare Solutions

1. Many programs are sold on a platform of cost-effectiveness and simplicity, but end up providing neither.

2. Design Modules are supposed to be user-friendly but end up being much too complex.

3. Your provider just doesn't understand healthcare or med-tech.

The good news is that there are some simple ways make e-learning programs more effective, particularly for sales and marketing.

5 Tips for Improving Your E-Learning Solution

1. Set the Performance Requirements First

Any E-Learning platform is only as good as the data it provides. By augmenting or replacing traditional sales and marketing tools with an e-learning platform that captures user data such as interest and comprehension, sales leaders can quickly tweak messaging, content and strategy. But if performance requirements such as online assessments and scenario-style questions are developed ahead of time, that valuable data is lost. 

2. Grab Their Attention: Start with Statistics

We've all heard how the general public has a shorter attention than a goldfish; seven seconds, right? And sales and marketing teams are notorious for multi-tasking. Combined with a certain level of "content fatigue" it can be challenging to really grab someone's attention.

Our tip? Start with what interests them most. A statistic that boldly communicates how your program will help them achieve a goal or solve their problem.

3. Nail the Delivery

Be realistic about potential clients and decision makers. How much time do they realistically have to ingest the content?

Break it up into manageable modules or risk losing them halfway through. And consider how the content is being delivered. An ipad? Desktop? iOS? 

If you build your e-learning module based on a design that isn't mobile friendly, you could be setting yourself up for more work. By considering how to deliver the content, you'll save a lot of time and money long term.

4. Use Gamification

Gamification is an effective technique for keeping your clients engaged. Users are provided simulations of real life situations and challenges associated with your products or training. It provides an incredible opportunity for marketers to place their products in the hands of their clients, and provide them a virtual experience that delivers a much bigger impact. 

5. Get Experts Involved

The biggest issue with most e-learning platforms is the lack of customer service, combined with an inherent lack of understanding of the healthcare industry.

We hear time and time again, from clients that have been promised a user-friendly, "plug and play" solution and ended up with a time consuming platform that requires a huge amount of time and money to achieve the high standards of the healthcare industry. Bad edits, mis-pronounced words, curriculum that doesn't fit the needs of clinicians, the list goes on and on.  Sometimes it can feel like you've spent more time editing rough drafts then actually delivering any content.

The answer? Demand an expert. Is a clinician on the team? Make sure you choose a partner that truly understands what and how you need to communicate.

We've Put the Puzzle Together For You

At the Clinician Exchange, we do the work for you. First, we've partnered with world class e-learning solution providers. But more importantly. we are healthcare e-learning experts that can guide the process, apply best practices and boost the ROI of your e-learning programs.

No more blown budgets, no more lengthy development time. Instead, our team will work with the vendors to develop the curriculum, execute and provide you with programs that are effective and efficient, with much less headaches and lower costs.

Let's talk about how we do that. Contact us below and we can set up time to talk about your needs and pain points. 

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