Tailored Clinical eXperiences

The Clinician eXchange (TCX) is healthcare's only Contract eXperience Organization (CXO) that serves as a hub for clinical education and eXpertise.


In-Person eXperiences

From clinical in-servicing to expert speakers and focus groups, TCX sources, trains and places clinical experts on-site, where and when you need them.


Online Clinical Education & Support eXperiences

From eLearning development to webinar creation, TCX online educational services maximize your reach across every channel of communication.

Virtual eXperiences

By blending robotics, human clinical expertise and cutting-edge technology, TCX virtual experiences offer an unmatched competitive advantage and limitless scaling capabilities.


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Our Suite of eXperiences

The eXchange

Clinical Brand Ambassadors

The eXchange of clinicians provides a rich source of  knowledge and expertise for per-diem clinical in-servicing, conference services, guest speakers and more. 


 eLearning Management Systems

From software licensing to custom-branded eLearning modules, eLearning offers seamless delivery of product and competency training.


Webinar & Webex Management

A successful online event hinges on brand consistency, clinician engagement, compelling content, technical expertise, and pre and post organizational experience. ConneX capabilities encompass all of the above.


Clinical Call Center

On-Call puts topical experts on the line with your end-users in a cost-effective manner; optimizing your budget, while enhancing the customer experience.


Market Research 

Gain clarity with real-time access to the thoughts, behaviors and opinions of KOLs/SMEs. IntelligeX offers scalable solutions for all aspects of medtech market research, including product development panels, advisory board creation and more.

The Academy

Continuing Education and Credentialing

The Academy offers efficient online learning on a class-by-class basis. Curriculum courses include CE/CME accredited clinician licensing courses/webinars, clinician core competency training, vendor credentialing competencies, and more.


Virtual Education Systems

Meet OmniVeX. The latest iteration of telepresent technology and robotics is a modern alliance that provides unmatched virtual access and training capabilities.

TCX Labs

Customize a solution that unites your brand. 

Have an idea? Or, have a problem with your learning & training competencies? At TCX Labs, we bring ideas and solutions to life. Learn more about tailored, custom applications from TCX Labs.

Learn More About How We Can Unite Your Brand: 

Why work with TCX?


TCX is the only on-demand marketplace for tailored clinical solutions, engagements and experiences. At our core, we create and deliver a seamless connection between your brand and end-users. 

We have a passion for creating scalable applications that elevate brands and drive growth.

  • Unite your brand under one umbrella of communication channels
  • Achieve valuable economies of scale with on-demand services
  • Increase the bottom line with effective training and marketing directives

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