on July 11, 2024 Innovation

Embracing Failure: Key Lessons from Women in Medtech

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In this latest episode of the Women in Medtech Podcast, hosted by Stephanie Pitts alongside Colleen Patterson and Barbara Strain, the focus was on the crucial role of failure in the innovation process. The discussion was anchored around the book "The Heart of Innovation," offering insights into navigating authentic demand.

Stephanie Pitts opened the conversation by highlighting the significance of failure in innovation: "In innovation we have to talk about failure, because while in the world we see the blockbusters, what we aren't seeing are the thousands of products and innovators that failed." This sentiment resonated deeply with Colleen and Barbara, who emphasized the learning opportunities that arise from stumbling along the way.

Colleen Patterson elaborated on this point, stating, "You learn lessons, not in moments of success, but by stumbling along the way. Not only for everyone within the world of medical technology, but I think women in particular have a different sense of what it means to be a failure." This perspective underscores the unique challenges women face in the medtech industry and the importance of reframing failure as a stepping stone to success.

Barbara Strain added a motivational perspective, sharing her approach to overcoming setbacks: "People made these situations; people can change these situations. It’s not like you’re a failure. It’s just different grades of how your thought process was." Her glass-half-full outlook encourages innovators to view failures as opportunities for growth and adaptation.

Throughout the episode, the hosts discussed how authentic demand and innovation are deeply intertwined. Stephanie's takeaway from the book, "The place where your passion meets the world's needs is where true innovation happens," encapsulates the heart of innovation. It’s about finding that sweet spot where passion and need converge.

In closing, Stephanie reminded listeners of the resilience required in medtech: "We have to trip and fail and keep going because at the end of the day we serve our communities, our families, our friends." This episode offers a powerful reminder that failure is not the end but rather a vital part of the journey toward impactful innovation in medtech.


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