The eXchange

9,000 eXpert Clinicians Available When and Where You Need Them.

Instant Scalability & On-Demand Clinical Solutions

The Clinician eXchange quickly connects medtech providers with experienced, credentialed clinical experts at a fractional cost.

On-Site, On Demand

In-service deployments are critical to success, but remain challenging to manage efficiently.

TCX provides an innovative solution to the mounting costs & challenges of medtech marketing:

  • End bottlenecks with fast, local in-service clinical specialists
  • Gain immediate access to fully vetted, trained, and credentialed expert clinicians
  • Reduce the costs of on-site training, marketing, and education exponentially
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The Sales & Marketing Impact

By harnessing the power of technology and the expertise of a nation-wide network of clinicians, the eXchange increases the reach and depth of your brand with a much greater return on investment.

Clients Using The eXchange Report Benefits Like These:


Reduce Expenses by 30%

Side-by-side cost comparisons show that the TCX model can create savings of up to 30% vs. standard proctoring methods.

4:1 Personnel Ratio

On average, medtech firms opting for scalable solutions deploy 4 specialized clinicians for less total cost than one full time employee.

Reduce T&E by up to 35%

7/10 of the clinicians are local and within a 2 hour driving distance of the assigned engagement.

Lower Burden on HR

All screening, training and credentialing is handled by TCX, reducing internal resources that typically manage on-site deployments.

Product Reinforcement & Branding

TCX Clinicians act as client brand ambassadors on-site, so your brand is continuously supported and maintained.

Unlock 85% More Productivity

Statistics show that sales reps spend only 15% of their time on sales versus customer service and support.

Our Performance Speaks for Itself


Per diem educators are often viewed as a prime solution for a successful medtech organization's growth "challenges".  These educators most-often become the face of the brand in the eyes of the HCPs they train, therefore it is critical for medtech organizations to seek out the highest quality experts to represent them. 

When it comes to quality of representation, TCX continues to make strategic investments in quality systems that enhance the vetting and deployment process of every Clinical Brand Ambassador they place in the field.

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How it Works

1. Register for an account with TCX.

2. Submit a profile request.

3. Our team will develop a detailed professional profile which includes work history, training, experience and nuanced details regarding the in-service.

4. We algorithmically match the profile against the nation-wide database creating a short-list of potential clinician candidates.

5. Matching candidates are fully vetted and presented for final selection.

6. Selected candidates are then on-boarded and trained to your specifications.

Once on-site, clinical staff members provide every benefit of a full-time team member, but in an on-demand, scalable cost model.

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