on June 20, 2024 value analysis

Elevating Your MedTech Success Through Strategic Value Analysis

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As a medtech professional, you know that integrating new products into existing systems seamlessly is key to success. It’s not just about having a good product; it's about proving its worth in real-world settings. In a recent episode of the Medtech Business Academy podcast, hosts Mike Sperduti and Thomas Hickey, along with value analysis expert Barbara Strain, provided invaluable insights on how you can achieve this.


Barbara Strain, known as the "godmother" of value analysis, stressed the importance of viewing value analysis as a profession. She said, “Value analysis is a profession, not just a task.” This means diving deep into understanding how your product benefits both patients and healthcare providers, ensuring it truly adds value.

A crucial takeaway from the episode is the difference between price and value. Thomas Hickey highlighted, “It’s not about price, it’s about value.” Your focus should be on the overall benefits your product brings, like improved patient outcomes and operational efficiencies, rather than just competing on cost. Barbara explained it well: “Value equals outcomes divided by cost.” This holistic approach can help you uncover the true worth of your product.

Understanding your market and stakeholders is another vital point. Barbara advised, “You have to understand the market and the stakeholders involved at every level.” This means recognizing the authentic demands of clinicians, administrators, and supply chain managers. Tailoring your value proposition to each group can ensure your product is adopted and championed within the healthcare system.

Thorough market research and preparation are also critical. Mike Sperduti warned against rushing to market unprepared: “You can never be a product pusher.” Instead, aim to be an authority in your field. Use value analysis to build credibility and trust with your audience.

An article published by GHX emphasizes the importance of value analysis in healthcare, highlighting how comprehensive evaluations can lead to significant cost savings and improved patient outcomes through informed purchasing decisions​ (GHX North America)​. Additionally, Deloitte's comprehensive framework for assessing the value of medical technologies outlines how medtech companies can demonstrate the value of their products to various stakeholders, emphasizing the importance of clinical, non-clinical, economic, and societal impacts​ (Deloitte United States)​.

Here’s how you can apply these insights:
Engage in Comprehensive Value Analysis: Go beyond surface-level evaluations. Dive deep to understand how your product impacts patient outcomes and operational efficiency.

Understand Stakeholder Needs: Identify the specific needs of different stakeholders in the healthcare system. Tailor your value propositions to resonate with each group.

Prepare Thoroughly for Market Entry: Conduct extensive market research to understand the competitive landscape and ensure your product meets the needs of your target market.

Communicate Value Effectively: Use insights from value analysis to craft compelling messages that highlight your product's benefits. Focus on outcomes and efficiencies, not just cost.

Build Trust and Credibility: Position yourself as an authority in the field by demonstrating a deep understanding of value analysis and its application in the healthcare system.

By focusing on these strategies, you can enhance your market positioning, ensure the successful adoption of your products, and achieve greater success in the medtech industry. Understanding and implementing thorough value analysis isn’t just beneficial—it’s essential for long-term success.


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