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A Proven Customer Engagement Strategy for Medtech

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How do you keep customers engaged in a digital world where information overload minimizes the impact of traditional marketing?

Customers have an entire world of information at their fingertips.  There is no need to wait, or listen, when they can simply hit “refresh”. With that in mind, how can you snag (and keep) their attention?

A great customer engagement strategy fosters engagement and customer loyalty by creating an interactive experience, where users can get questions answered, solve problems, and build a connection to your brand.

Addressing Information Expectancy

From the perspective of medtech marketing and sales professionals, the notion of “information expectancy” must be addressed in order to build a truly effective marketing message for your targeted audiences.  

e-learning marketing strategy

Marketing must be teaching-based and content driven, engaging the customer with your brand.

Or, from the perspective of the audience, learning the value of your product through the content you are providing, instead of just being “marketed to”.

These may have been mutually exclusive principles in the past, but today, marketing and education have merged. Marketing is Learning, and Learning is Marketing.

The Evolution of E-Learning for Healthcare Marketing

Initially, e-learning was the digital evolution of 10 inch training binders.  Delivered in a more engaging digital format, it allowed for greater uptake and easier delivery.  

Organizations quickly realized that e-learning was an incredibly effective educational tool, as it forced, and rewarded, interaction – from the simplest maneuver of clicking a mouse, to the actual typing of answers during periodic assessment tests.

And that engagement is precisely what paved the way for the most recent evolution of e-learning: into an incredibly powerful “e-marketing” learning tool.

Benefits of E-Learning in Medtech Marketing

When used properly, an e-learning solution delivers measurable benefits, from increasing customer loyalty, to most importantly, boosting med-tech sales.

Brand Building

Your choice of technology platforms is an extension of your brand. Are you delivering quality content? Valuable data that customers find helpful? A well-developed e-learning platform that becomes a “go-to” tool within a healthcare environment will equate your brand with reliability and quality.

Reduced Sales Cycle

Sales cycles are reduced when customers no longer need to fish for information.  Unlike typical marketing campaigns that rely heavily on open-ended marketing communication (one where communication flow goes one way, with little to no feedback), our e-learning tools make it easy for customers to reach out and interact with sales and marketing, via chat tools, social media and email.

Better Targeting

E-Learning allows for improved targeting and higher conversion rates by providing unique opportunities to not only identify those prospects that are most interested in the brand, but also how engaged they are with your product/service.

Cost Effective Product Training

The med-tech industry is still a long way away from replacing humans as the critical element of any inservice,  but e-learning allows for a decreased reliance on strict human-to-human education. Companies can present pre-training modules ahead of in-person in-servicing.  

Upon completion of the in-person training, there are always calls for repeat visits, which can get rather costly with added travel expenses, but e-learning can greatly reduce that cost burden.  Most people just need a simple refresher, which a well tailored e-learning program can provide, and in cases of hospitals with high turnover the savings can be significant.

E-Learning is a Must Have for Med-Tech

Incorporating a robust e-learning platform is no longer just a “nice to have”… it is a “MUST have.”  

The Clinician Exchange (TCX) offers custom-branded e-learning services designed to serve the needs of all sizes of medtech clients.  Our expert team of e-learning and learning management experts can develop a customized platform to meet all of your healthcare marketing and education needs.  

There are a lot of e-learning companies out there, but few, if any, truly understand the nuances of healthcare.  That’s where TCX separates itself.

  • More robust and flexible options to create a dynamic library of modules to showcase for customers
  • Intuitive, branded platforms built on best e-learning technology available
  • Niche focus on healthcare: we speak your language
  • Tailored for the specific needs of the healthcare market
  • Highest level of customer service available

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