on July 25, 2018 MedTech Elearning

4 Med-tech Marketing Strategies That Move The Needle

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The healthcare industry is rapidly evolving and the pressure is on to find new ways to stay competitive. Historically, enterprise level healthcare providers have had the edge, given their ample resources.

But thanks to efficiencies of scale in tech, there has been a major shift.

As an SMB leader, you’re in a position where you can make a bigger impact, even with less resources. Smaller firms are more agile, making it simpler and faster to adapt and roll out new technology. 

And at The Clinician Exchange, we are seeing that every day. Real clients, real results. Here are 4 ways we've delivered real results through E-learning solutions, specific to the Healthcare and Medtech Industry.

4 Medtech Marketing Strategies That Move the Needle

1. Develop Compelling Content

Content is critical and video is the king of content marketing.

According to a recent study

  • 97% of marketers say video has helped increase user understanding of their product or service.
  • 76% say it helped them increase sales.

On the right platform, Video learning is multi-purpose and easily adaptable, the cornerstone of a great e-learning curriculum. 

And that's just for external use. Think of how better content, delivered through an e-learning platform could transform clinician and internal staff training. 

2. Disrupt Traditional Sales Strategies

Healthcare marketers can  reach a bigger audience, faster, making it the ideal replacement for expensive, face to face sales and marketing efforts. The faster development cycle of e-learning tool allows Medtech firms to deliver complex health care related training, sales and marketing information through a platform that clients find more appealing and easy to access.

By moving to a hybrid approach that includes digital sales tools and the human element, Medtech firms reap an even more valuable output: Data.

User data can be used to detect the level of influence the programs are delivering, allowing companies to pivot or accelerate marketing programs more quickly.

3. Efficiencies of Scale

Stop thinking small. The advent of cloud computing created a fundamental shift in the marketplace, by opening up enterprise level, cutting edge technology to smaller firms. SAAS technology was developed to meet the needs of small to medium firms, providing them the same level of service and access to advanced technology at a lower price. 

The need for expensive, proprietary systems has diminished and in it's place a robust environment of outsourcing has developed. Don't be afraid to test it out. The ability to access the skills of experts and gain from those economies of scale cannot be underestimated.

4. Build a Consistent Brand

Great branding builds loyal customers. And by branding we don't just mean a color scheme and logo. This year, dig deeper into your brand and what it is delivering to potential clients. Are your materials easy to access? Are you truly delivering messaging and content that is consistent, reliable and valuable to your clients? In healthcare, your brand IS your website, your e-learning tool, your content, and every technology platform you use to communicate with clients.

Take a deep dive and a good look at the tools you are using to communicate with clients. Do they match your brand? Are they professional and dependable? If not, it's time to look for a new solution.

Execute With Experienced Partners

The Clinician exchange was created by experienced clinicians and healthcare industry experts. We understand the market and the unique needs of the industry. Companies that are just beginning to explore e-learning for internal and external uses will appreciate our ability to bridge the gap between technology and healthcare. We've vetted all the options and set up a process and the platform to build profitable e-learning solutions that move the needle for our clients.

Let's talk about how we do that. Contact us below and we can set up time to talk about your needs and pain points. 

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