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Go Beyond Daily Hospital Life

Extend the reach of your clinical experience and make a greater impact on healthcare nationwide.


Why Become a TCX Clinician?

Set your own schedule and take control of your earnings.

The Clinician eXchange (TCX) was founded FOR the healthcare industry BY the healthcare industry. TCX has transformed the way clinicians like you connect with healthcare suppliers.

Clinical expertise is more valuable than ever but more challenging for healthcare suppliers to find. That's where TCX comes in.

We focus exclusively on the medtech industry and are committed to providing the best possible experiences for our clients AND clinicians.

By actively engaging in product implementations, clinical education, research and development (focus groups/market research studies) and advisory boards, TCX clinicians impact and shape policy, practice and product for the entire industry.

And the best part: you set the schedule!

Take Charge of Your Career

Tired of the daily grind of hospital life?

TCX allows you to eXchange your eXpertise, on your timeline, at your convenience. 


Claim Your Position as an Industry Expert

Our medtech clients rely on clinical experts to act as brand ambassadors, champion their products and take the lead in clinical environments.


Why Join TCX?

Personal & Professional Fulfillment

The autonomy of owning your schedule

Daily hospital life can be a grind. With TCX, you set your schedule. 

The contribution to the evolution of healthcare

Your expertise has real value to our clients. They are looking for individuals that can represent their brands and products on-site and remotely. Act as a brand champion, advisor or on-site trainer and help shape the future of healthcare.

Leading technological innovation

Provide important feedback and shape the future of medtech. Make your opinion count by participating in market research studies and focus groups.

The growth of your career

Personal growth is critical to professional achievement and a fulfilling career. Escape the every day with new and challenging experiences that increase your range of capabilities and experience level. 



“To me, this was my chance to get out of the “silo” and make a difference; see what’s really happening in the rest of the medical world.”

Deb M. - TCX Clinician

"I have been able to train thousands of clinicians; travel all over the country (which allowed me to sightsee and have a respite from my huge family responsibility), as well as work (and network) with over 100 colleagues - new and old."


Sharon D. - TCX Clinician

"I love working with TCX! I’ve met so many wonderful people through the opportunities they have provided as well as been able to travel the country!"

Faith C. - TCX Clinician

What will you work on?

Joining TCX as a Clinical Brand Ambassador opens the door to many career opportunities. Take a look at the services we offer. 

The eXchange

Choose from a variety of on-site in-service and training opportunities throughout the country. And you set your own schedule.


Our market research opportunities include advisory panels, focus groups and more. 


Become an expert speaker and lead discussions with thousands of your peers through webinar and onsite meeting creations.


Our Call Center services connect expert clinicians like you, to end-users with product and training questions.

The Academy

Shape minds by contributing to online learning curriculum and ensure that best practices are the core of all training activities.

TCX Labs

What's the next new thing in Medtech? We're probably working on it, you can too.