To unite healthcare innovation and eXpertise through tailored clinical eXperiences and education.







Our 5 core values represent what we believe is required to deliver our ultimate mission: Clinical Excellence.  

Each core value is evident in the services we provide, the work we deliver and the success we are proud to contribute to for our clients. Our company culture is based on these values and a key component in day-to-day life at The Clinician eXchange. 

Founded BY healthcare professionals, FOR healthcare professionals



At TCX, our core belief is that excellent clinical experiences are derived from the most critical resource in all of healthcare: clinical expertise. Our knowledge source is a network of thousands of clinicians whose aggregate experience power our products and amplify the brands we work with.

Together, we are stronger, more nimble and offer a wider reach. Our organization is designed to disrupt the status quo, becoming one of healthcare’s secret weapons in innovation, education and marketing. 

TCX was founded upon the principle that our organization could be both a force multiplier and a great equalizer in empowering large and small healthcare suppliers across the industry. Today, through our suite of “Tailored Clinical eXperiences”, we are achieving that goal. 

Initially, our objective was to help medtech organizations optimize their clinical on-site resources in order to experience true excellence and cost effectiveness.

The Exchange, which began as a single-line service that connected per diem clinical educators and clinical implementation specialists with medtech firms, has quickly transformed into a dynamic, robust hub of education and expertise focused on providing omni-channel solutions for a dynamic healthcare landscape.  

The Evolution of “eXperience eXcellence”

TCX was founded in 2015 by Skender Daerti. His past experiences in the cutthroat world of Wall Street and medical device sales and marketing leadership led him to see a true need for a revolution in medtech marketing. In the ever evolving world of healthcare, on-site and remote learning was not evolving as quickly as the world around it. 

The solution? 

A more creative, efficient and innovative approach to execution.

Skender successfully deployed this stratagem in leveraging the limited resources of his former medtech employer to achieve record revenues and profits; despite being 10-300 times smaller than his closest well-known competitors.  

As an avid student of innovation, Skender believed that it was experiences, not product features and benefits, that led to long term, profitable customer relationships. 

This belief is what led to the TCX suite of “Tailored Clinical eXperiences".

As TCX matures, we hope to continually serve as the bridge between innovation and expertise.

Skender Daerti Bio Pic

Skender Daerti

 CEO & Founder

Skender is TCX’s “Chief Visionary” as he guides the organization’s short and long term strategic direction, while trying not to get in the way of everyone else making TCX work.


Laura Interiano

Director of Operations

Laura is TCX’s “Chief Get-It-Done-er/Troubleshooter” which makes her the glue that holds TCX together. She manages all financial/administrative operations as well as serving as project manager for many of our client/partner needs.


Colleen Patterson

Director of Commercial Operations/Experiences

Colleen is TCX’s “Chief Experience-Maker” as she is the engine that makes all clients and clinicians feel uniquely special in their activities with TCX. She oversees nearly all aspects of experience management and ensures that excellence is experienced in every engagement. 


Christopher Cardinali

Business Development Manager

Chris is TCX’s “Chief Whatever-It-Takes-er” as he is committed to doing everything possible to ensure our customers have confidence in TCX’s capabilities. He manages all aspects of the client relationship experience.

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