Meet OmniVeX

Omnipresent Virtual education eXperience

The Human Connection without the Human Touch

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The smart technology solution for clinical needs in a changing world


In response to the barriers posed by COVID-19, The Clinician eXchange (TCX) created OmniVeX, a three-pronged solution that uses smart technology to connect clients, clinicians, and trainers instantly. OmniVeX goes beyond video conferencing, by providing an augmented telepresence experience that mimics on-site interactions, no matter the distance.

Only 10% of providers say they want to go back to pre-COVID norms of in-person meetings in the future1

Omni-Channel Approach

The OmniVeX solution provides you with the ability to connect to your customers from anywhere.

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The human connection without the human touch. TVeX-bot allows vendors, clinicians and educators to remotely travel through healthcare facilities, reducing contamination and increasing efficiency.

  • Live Video Calling

  • 4k HD Wide Angle Camera

  • One-to-Many Education

  • No App Needed



An augmented reality virtual platform that allows clinicians and vendors to communicate in real time. ARVeX offers next generation video conferencing; allowing both the user and expert to annotate on-screen at the point of care.


  • Augmented and/or Virtual Reality

  • Point of Care Annotation

  • Screen Sharing

  • Mobile Access

OmniVeX Phone Site Image


Hippo Headset

The bridge between gaps of physical care and virtual care. The Hippo Headset enables healthcare providers to communicate instantly with remote educators through a voice-activated head-worn tablet.


  • Hands-Free

  • Bluetooth Enabled

  • Intuitive Interface

  • Dust and Water Resistant


Lower contagion risks


Reduces potential exposure to clinicians by outside vendors


24/7 access


Provides instant access to the tools needed without the wait


Increase productivity


Enables a faster decision making process without sacrificing well-being of the patient or clinician


omnives revex

OmniVeX ReVex Program


Bring TVeX to you. Through the OmniVeX ReVeX program, The Clinician Exchange will implement a fully-configured fleet of TVeX in your hospital- all set-up, training, and maintenance provided.


OmniVeX uses smart technology to move the needle forward in supporting clinicians', clients', and patients' needs despite the rapidly changing healthcare environment. 

1Accenture. (2020, May 5). Reinventing Relevance: New Models for Pharma Engagement with Healthcare Providers in a COVID-19 World.