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Spinal Surgeons Reverse Expo

Fall 2023

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Are you having a difficult time getting in front of clinical end-users?

Medtech organizations are finding it increasingly difficult to get quality, face-to-face interactions with their respective healthcare provider (HCPs) customers.  Hospital red tape, strict vendor credentialing protocols, and Value Analysis Committee disruptions have restricted every organization's ability to engage with these clinical decision makers, and therefore, the ability to gain valuable insights and feedback on new innovations. Time is the ultimate momentum killer and TCX wants to help you get that time and connectivity back!

How can TCX help cut through the noise?

The Clinician eXchange (TCX) has fully embraced the advantages of the digital era through our “Virtual Clinician aXess” (VCX) platform

  1. By combining our network of 16,000+ clinical experts with an online meeting space, medtech companies can now virtually connect and market to any of our experts worldwide
  2. The clinician, sourced through our proprietary multidisciplinary network, will individually listen to your product pitch and value proposal in a virtual one-on-one setting while providing clinical insights and customer feedback after your presentation.
  3. The program is designed to help establish new relationships while simultaneously providing marketing teams with clinical feedback to test if your messaging is landing with end-users

OUR MISSION: To eliminate the gap between medtech innovators and clinical thought leaders by delivering a virtual meeting where communication begets new relationships and critical insights.  


How does VCX work?




VCX is a virtual reverse-expo that pairs our medtech clientele with the brightest clinical experts (CXs) in specific clinical modalities.  Upon registration, our clients will be provided profiles of the participating CXs as well as best-practice information designed to optimize the experience for all parties.  On the day of the live event, the clinicians will each take residence in independent virtual rooms.  The Clinician eXchange team will present and introduce the medtech clients to them individually.  Each client organization will be provided a fixed period of time to present their latest and greatest technological breakthroughs to a CX who will deliver their complete attention and focus.  Instant feedback and insights will be provided throughout the presentation.  Upon expiration of the set time interval, the company will be transitioned into another virtual room to begin the process all over again with another CX excited to learn more about the organization's next practice-shaping technology. 


Step 1

Register with up to four members from the same organization

Step 2

Prepare a precise presentation that clearly demonstrates the value proposition of your latest innovation

Step 3

Present an engaging presentation, one-on-one, to a CX who is focused on learning about your offering. Engage with up to 10 CXs per event

Step 4

Receive instant feedback and insights directly from the CXs, with the potential to build new relationships

VCX is the Tradeshow Format You've Been Clamoring For

No extra booth/travel fees; guaranteed KOL discussions

Guaranteed high-integrity discussions with the industry's brightest clinical experts who offer their undivided attention to focus on your latest offering! Finally, a tradeshow with real, measurable ROI!

Enhancing your marketing budget:

  • No extra booth / travel fees / travel commitments
  • Multiple team members can participate virtually, from anywhere
  • Eliminate the guesswork of who may stop by your booth or whom you may run into at a traditional tradeshow

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