Medical-Legal eXpert Consulting 


Clients go to LAWyers when they need “LAW” expertise… so why do you go to legal service companies when you need MEDical expertise???

We know MEDICAL experts, because we are THE medical experts!

The Clinician eXchange, Inc. (TCX) is a leading provider of medically-related litigation support services and independent medical examinations (IME) through our proprietary network of over 16,000 board-certified multidisciplinary healthcare professionals. We partner with clinician examiners who provide their objective medical expertise to clarify or dispute legal medical liability for law firms, corporations, and insurance companies.

TCX offers a broad array of services that support clients through each phase of the litigation process, providing vital clinical insights and expertise for our clients. TCX can assist in resolving a claim efficiently by working in collaboration with our independent medical professionals and clients.  In streamlining the connection to medical experts, we hope to ease your pathway to a successful outcome!


The eXpert Assurance Process

Client Forms

To begin the process, clients will need to complete one of our “Client Profile Forms.” Please navigate to the “Medical Legal eXperts” (MLXs) section and fill out the “New Engagement” form. Here, you will outline the general details of your case and the requirements for the type of clinical eXpert you would like us to source from the network. The criteria provided on the form will be uploaded into our proprietary “Clinical eXperience System,” thereby initiating the project management process.


Meeting the Team

Upon form submission, a member of the TCX Clinical eXcellence team will review the requirements and confirm the specifications with a member of the client team via email and/or phone/video call within 12-24 business hours.  A Scope of Work (SOW) will be developed and presented for review and signatory approval, detailing the project scope with the projected fee structure and timelines.


Clinician Selection

Sourcing clinical eXperts is what we do best at TCX!  Multiple quality control/quality assurance systems and metrics have been ingrained into our comprehensive recruiting and sourcing processes. Our 26-point vetting matrix evaluates MLX candidates according to a wide variety of characteristics, from experience and tenure to distinct personality traits, thereby ensuring a screening process that consistently produces the most qualified medical eXperts for your specific needs.


Scheduling and Logistics

Once the client confirms their approval for a Medical-Legal eXpert (MLX), our staff will manage all logistics and scheduling with the selected MLX(es).  Our quality systems are built with multiple redundancies to ensure that our MLXs will be where they are supposed to be, when they are supposed to be there, all but removing any last minute “no-show” anxieties!  

Should any travel be required, TCX’s Clinical eXcellence team will manage all arrangements and accommodations on behalf of the MLXs, using our advanced travel platforms to maximize cost-efficiency.  All booking will be made in-line with client T&E guidelines, with a detailed report of all expenses provided upon completion for seamless documentation and client-billing purposes.  

Your days of chasing people and receipts are over!


Engagement Communication

Communication and expectation management are the crux of a quality experience.  Unforeseen challenges will arise, but it is TCX’s focus to minimize these disruptions.  Your Project eXperience Associate will serve as the single point of contact for you and the MLX, providing seamless awareness and consistency throughout the engagement.  Their purpose is to encourage MLX compliance with the guidelines and objectives set forth, in an effort to eliminate any frustrations you may have experienced in the past.  



Reviewing the Facts – Record Audit

The Clinician eXchange proudly works with professionals from all fields and backgrounds of healthcare. These connections throughout our network of clinician experts allows us to provide comprehensive record auditing/review services. In situations that may not require an examination, our experts can assist legal professionals and industry clientele to better assess the requirements and resolution strategies of their respective claims. 

  1. Acute Care – conducted by a licensed physician / surgeon / Physician’s Assistant
  2. Nursing – conducted by a licensed RN / NP
  3. Lab Reporting – conducted by a board-certified Radiologist / Pathologist
  4. Administrative – conducted by a CPC / billing professional 

Though our Record Audit service, our clients can get an efficient and cost-effective solution for expert insight as they begin to understand the full scope of their claim. TCX will handle all the logistics, billing, and records, as well as addressing any relevant issues as we support our experts when preparing a report. Once complete, our staff will also communicate during and after the examination and provide a post service consultation and all necessary reports and receipts to the plaintiff’s counsel and the clinician expert’s office.


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