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Med-TeXperts Panelists Interview: Ted Newill


Med-TeXperts Panelists Interview: Skender Daerti


Med-TeXperts Panelists Interview: Barbara Strain


Med-TeXperts Panelists Interview: Frank Ripullo


TCX COVID-19 2020

COVID Commotion: Interview with our Speakers

COVID-19 exposed weaknesses in care processes now more than ever.  We help identify ways to reduce patient contact while optimizing patient care and o...

TCX COVID-19 2020


The first thing I do when sitting down at my desk in the morning is run through my email to prioritize items for the day. One of my favorite aspects o...

TCX Continuing Education Elearning 2020

Webinar: Optimized Vascular Access in the COVID-19 Patient

Clinician 2018 MedTech Innovation


Millennials are changing the landscape of healthcare. Millennial nurses are working at a faster pace, seeking work-life balance and the desire and eff...

Clinician 2017

National Nurses Week 2017

2016 GuestAuthor

The Greatest Gift

The holidays are often many people's favorite time of year. The sights and smells, the traditions and memories, the food, friends and family gathering...

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