on March 15, 2021

Med-TeXperts Panelists Interview: Skender Daerti

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We went behind the scenes with each Med-TeXpert Panelist from our Medtech Go-to-Market Series to take a deeper dive into who they are and what they do in the Medtech world. Today we spoke to Skender Daerti, CEO & Founder of The Clinician eXchange. 
Skender Daerti Bio Pic
  • Q: Why do you believe Medtech is at an inflexion point in regards to its sales and marketing practices?
  • A: Medtech was already in the early stages of a paradigm shift in focus and philosophy: the previous strategy focused heavily on emphasizing product features and benefits but the recent shift was to more of a consultative philosophy focused on overall brand/product experience.  This is in line with a sales cycle extension that is due to providers demanding more than just features/benefits in their reviews of product categories; the emphasis now is on net cost/value (far beyond product pricing).  As a result, there is more riding on every sale/purchase than ever before and with that, medtech companies must instill greater confidence and trust in their ability to consistently deliver value.  Hence, the transition from product to experience 
  • Q: Why is there a sudden "buzz" around omnichannel sales and marketing strategies in medtech?
  • A: The term "omnichannel sales and marketing" may not have reached all corners of medtech yet, but it is quickly gaining recognition as the foundation for a successful sales and marketing strategy for the future.  Medtech has traditionally been a "touch sport" - reliant on interpersonal face-to-face connections to transact business.  But as general consumers have evolved, so have providers.  The fallacy is that providers have restricted access in some form or another to vendor reps, but the reality is they have only restricted access to one form of contact, while expanding access to other forms.  Companies who successfully showcase an ability to transact business utilizing multiple forms of interaction gain instant credibility in today's world where EVERYONE is looking for multimedia solutions to their challenges.  Omnichannel solutions allow customers to feel connected with a brand beyond a meeting or phone call, which furthers confidence and therefore the brand experience.  
  • Q: What is it that you want people to derive from the most from the Med-Texperts series?
  • A: My hope is for Med-Texperts to inspire people to view their activities through a different paradigm.  Change occurs slowly in healthcare, but that should never inhibit the need for continuous improvement.  Little of what Med-Texperts present is truly revolutionary - most of the concepts are simply adaptations or reinforcements of practices with proven track records, but limited exposure to the masses.  The exposure is limited more often than not due to a blinding reliance on a "this is how we've always done things" philosophy that restricts access to insight from outside.   When people engage in a Med-Texperts event, they're acknowledging an open-mindedness to see if there are other ways to pursue their objectives, beyond "their ordinary."  Change isn't easy, but it is a lot easier when you allow your perspective to shift, and that is the goal for Med-Texperts: assisting medtech professionals to shift their paradigms and perspectives in order to achieve success more efficiently and effectively.  


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