on March 08, 2021

Med-TeXperts Panelists Interview: Barbara Strain

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We went behind the scenes with each Med-TeXpert Panelist from our Medtech Go-to-Market Series to take a deeper dive into who they are and what they do in the Medtech world. Today we spoke to Barbara Strain, Principal of Barbara Strain Consulting, LLC. 
barbara strain
  • Q: How do you motivate people to want to initiate change?
  • A: Suppliers who have a launch project plan older than 3 years have to initiate change now.  As a certified 6 Sigma Change Agent and trained LEAN A3 problem solver it is not about motivating people to change it’s creating a culture for change.  Getting people out of their comfort zone and into a non-blaming, safe environment is key for them to “see” how and why their current situation exists and understand they have the power to change it.  The methodology is not complicated; facilitating change using your own data, experience, and visual tools lead to, as we say, “ it’s not about the people, it’s about the process”.   Experienced MedTeXperts can guide you to apply this process to craft a compelling opportunity for providers to make a change. 


  • Q: What makes med tech sales and marketing so unique from other industries?
  • A: Knowing that the health of another human being is relying on the best you have to offer 24hours a day/ 365 days per year is an undeniable responsibility.   Understanding problems to be solved in hospitals, health systems, clinics, physician offices, long term care institutions, ambulatory surgery centers, express clinics well you get the point is the med tech industry’s true north.  Add in regulations, reimbursement, coding and payers it’s unfathomable that any one med tech company can know all there is about what makes healthcare tick.  Conversely any one healthcare provider is not aware all of the med tech solutions that could make them more effective.  Circling back to the question you could say “unique” is a euphemism for “complicated”; healthcare is not for the faint of heart.
  • Q: What is it that you want people to derive from the most from the Med-Texperts series?
  • A: Med-TeXperts spotlights teams of experienced, knowledgeable experts are available to share proven strategies to propel med tech industry solutions over the goal line but not all solutions are destined to “run up the score”.  With a customized solution approach starting with a well curated value proposition, Med-TeXperts can quickly demonstrate the stakeholders’ point of view in the go-to-market process, med tech firms are destined to get to yes before time runs off the clock.

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