on March 01, 2021

Med-TeXperts Panelists Interview: Frank Ripullo

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We went behind the scenes with each Med-TeXpert Panelist from our Medtech Go-to-Market Series to take a deeper dive into who they are and what they do in the Medtech world. Today we spoke to Frank Ripullo, Founder and Managing Partner of Excelerant Consulting:
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  • Q: What medtech practices/activities do you think will remain in 2021 and 2022 from 2020 and what practices/activities do you believe will return to a 2019 "normal”?
  • A: I believe most medtech networking venues will return to normal starting in late 2021. As for sales channels, healthcare was already trying to reduce the flow of people entering a facility. The provider has adapted to reducing salespeople; this will be in place for many years to come. It's a model many IDN's were wanting 10-years ago; I'm convinced it's here to stay. 
  • Q: What makes the medtech industry special?
  • A: The Medtech industry is unique because of all the various verticals, and complexity. I can't think of another that compares to the Medtech world. You can be a physcian and never know what a GPO or IDN is. The layers, and multifaceted business models are staggering.  A person who's been on the Purchase Service side will have a completely different experience compared to someone who built a career on the medical-surgical, physcian preference, distribution, capital, etc., channels. 
  • Q: How did you become the expert at Corporate Contracting?
  • A: I had the experience of selling many medical-surgical products in the acute-care space at an early age. I moved quickly into upper management after building two significant markets as a sales rep. I was considered a "kid" when I started corporate contracting in National Accounts. I've been exposed to many different contracting platforms - -I  formed my consultancy 15-years ago. This has helped cultivate my expertise in all the various verticals of healthcare. I've represented 200-plus suppliers in some capacity.  I've seen much and continue to refine my skills. 


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