on October 22, 2018 MedTech Sales

The Easiest Way to Achieve Year End Growth Objectives

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Going into the 4th quarter, med-tech teams are hustling to meet or beat sales objectives. If the pipeline is drained and marketing dollars are depleted, here's another strategy that can help achieve those goals.

Simply put, the easiest way to achieve your year-end growth objectives is to multiply your sales resources, in a cost-efficient manner. 

And it's just not me telling you that. It's the experts.

In a recent report from Ernst & Young, the research is solid. 

The med-tech industry needs to  invest in customer-centric capabilities and digital collaborations to build personalized health solutions.


What is a customer-centric solution?

Any company, in any industry is typically judged on these three silos:

1) Quality
2) Cost
3) Service

But today, service is being replaced by experience in the eyes of med-tech customers. 

TCX  provides a customer-centric solution by providing the scale you need, in a simple, effective and cost-effective manner.

Scaling a Med-Tech Clinical Salesforce

Your sales teams can only be in so many places at once. 

New accounts require a lot of attention and focus while existing customers still demand superior service. In the 4th quarter, these accounts have the highest growth potential. 

The ability to embed clinical experts into each account is the ideal way to expedite customer conversions.

The problem? Historically, growing your team requires considerable time, effort and capital. 

A New Way to Expand Your Sales Team

The Clinician Exchange (TCX) provides med-tech organizations access to a network of 7,000 multi-disciplinary clinicians around the country, available for product evaluations, implementations, and follow-ups. 

We provide an opportunity to make a deeper impact at every single client site, with minimal on-boarding efforts.

Our clinical specialists are profiled according to experience level, specialty and geography so that they can be easily and efficiently deployed when and where you need them. Deployments can include ongoing account maintenance, training, or even providing follow-up visits to your smallest customers.

The Clinician Exchange is a sales multiplier for your brand, enhancing customer retention and growth across your entire customer base. 

Year-end is less than three months away.  With virtually unlimited resources at your disposal, it is your choice as to whether you want 2018 to finish as a good year or a great year!

MedTech Scalable Sales Solutions

At The Clinician Exchange, we're serious about helping our clients build a customer-centric sales solution. It begins with incorporating the human element into your strategy. 

Is an out-sourced clinical solution right for your company? Reach out to us. We can discuss your needs and make some suggestions about possible solutions. 

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