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Incorporating The Human Element into Med-Tech Sales & Marketing

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Artificial Intelligence, Automation, Cloud-Based Solutions: All are buzzwords in Medtech.

But consistently, reports show the value of the human element in healthcare, which positively correlates to improved care, overall health and profitability.

How do you merge technological advances such as AI while maintaining human authenticity?

Consider another buzzword: Brand Evangelist

A brand evangelist is a true fan, an expert who can convey the value of a product or service with genuine excitement and authenticity.

Two major elements of today's society have dovetailed into a new era of med-tech, providing the industry with the ability to deliver expert brand evangelists on as as-needed basis.

This strategy manages to combine authentic delivery of content, in an affordable, efficient manner. Let's start with why having feet on the ground is so important.

The Human Aspect of Content Creation

First, let's consider the increasing importance of human interaction. In the era of digital media overload, how is it that the human element remains more valuable than ever?

Consider how your content is being delivered into hospital and medical facilities. When paired with human interaction, the delivery is stronger, deeper and more trustworthy. 

Having an on-site resource can minimize the challenges of complex procurement procedures and lengthy trial periods from clients.


Take this quote, from a recent article in Forbes:

"....The best way for brands to create personalized and engaging content is to go straight to the source: consumers. In order to maintain their competitive edge, brands cannot be afraid to embed their fans into the framework of their marketing strategies."

Who is your "fan" on-site?

On-site Clinical technicians fill the role of your "fan", evangelizing the product, conducting training and building your brand.

While we acknowledge that technology plays a pivotal role in medtech marketing, every sales leader recognizes the value of an on-site clinical resource during the sales process and product trial phases. 

The question is how to get these "fans" into the facilities when and where you need them, which leads to our second point. 

The Rise of the Gig Economy in Healthcare

From Uber to TaskRabbit, the gig economy has sprung up around us and become and accepted and daily part of our routine. 

"Clinical Entreprenuership" has slowly been gaining acceptance in healthcare, an industry traditionally slower to respond to "disruption".

However, in the context of delivering content and training directly to doctors, nurses and facility staff, it is the ideal solution. 

As the gig economy has grown, more and more people have to come appreciate the benefits, including highly trained, expert professionals, such a nurses, nurse practitioners and even doctors. The growth in interest and acceptance of a gig economy workforce is now available to Medtech.

On-Demand Clinical Workforce Benefits

Reduce the Cost of Full Time Staff

To begin, lets address the financial benefits. Rather than increasing the permanent staff, an on-demand solution allows business leaders to completely control staffing expenses. Scale up and down as needed, with clinical experts available when and where you need them.

Provide Expert Solutions to Complex Situations

It's not just the cost, it's the expertise. Rather than having a set of generalists, that require their own set of training before any initiative, an on-demand solution allows you to access true experts, ready and able to address healthcare complexities beyond the scope of generalists.

Remove Staffing Bottlenecks

Occasionally, it feels like everyone is supposed to be everywhere at once. At critical junctions in the sales or training process, sometimes that just isn't possible, or is overwhelming to team members that have other responsibilities. On-demand solutions clear bottlenecks in getting clinicians on-site quickly.

Gain a Brand Evangelist

The sales process truly never ends. By maintaining a scalable workforce, you always have extra hands in the field, right where you need them. They are the human aspect that build trust, camaraderie and loyalty with your customers, as the deliver the content you've created or train them on the products you've just sold them. 

Explore On-Demand Clinical Solutions

At the Clinician Exchange, we make sourcing scalable clinical solutions simple, reliable and valuable. By partnering content, such as training, product launches or product trials, with an on-site clinician, medtech firms can increase sales and overcome common challenges.

We'd love to explore the possibilities with you. Reach out below to learn more.

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