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Special Announcement - 2017 Top Clinicians

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Happy 2018!!!  2017 was a banner year for The Clinician Exchange (TCX)!  Last year was only our second full year in business, and we were fortunate to hit many of the goals we had set out to achieve.  TCX signed a record number of new clients, exceeded our revenue projections, managed several more thousand engagement hours than we had forecasted, and most importantly, expanded our network of Clinical Specialists (CS) to new heights!  We could not be more grateful to our clients, who have instilled a tremendous amount of confidence and trust in us to perform on their behalf.  However, our clients’ confidence is directly correlated to having some of the highest quality healthcare experts represented in our clinician registry. 

TCX was formed on the premise that clinicians are the core of healthcare.  It is more than just a job for them – it is a way of life.  Our clinicians are passionate about patient care and seeking ways to enhance best practices, which is what makes their efforts with TCX so special.  At TCX’s core, we are a network of experts designed to educate and train other clinicians on the optimal use of our clients’ products.  People who are passionate about patient safety, cannot wait to educate their peers on current best practices in hopes of making healthcare better for everyone.  This is precisely why the TCX Clinical Specialists are so incredible.

As we closeout 2017, we want to honor those Clinical Specialists that have gone above and beyond to improve best practices across the country.  In doing so, they have had an opportunity to complement their earning potential, which will now be complemented further as we issue them a special bonus award. 

Several hundred clinicians performed services on behalf of TCX in 2017.  The top ten Clinical Specialists separated themselves by demonstrating consistency that was awarded by our clients in terms of repeatable engagement opportunities.  These ten clinicians showcased a diversity of skill sets as they supported a variety of clients across an array of product categories. 


Let’s start by honoring our clinicians, finishing in 6th-10th place (according to a matrix of earnings and hours worked). 


10.🏅Diane Jiles-  Florida

9. 🏅Thomas Steffy - Colorado

8. 🏅Marcia Smith - Texas

7. 🏅Alice Durham - Michigan

6. 🏅Randall Harris - California


Our top five Clinical Specialists went just a little further in their contributions. 


Maria did not formally participate in TCX engagements until mid-2017, but she closed out the year with a bang as she logged in nearly more hours than any other CS in a similar time period.  Many clients have repeatedly requested Maria for her clinical skill sets and vast knowledge base.  Her “Jersey” upbringing shows in her fearless approach to tackling every new product category she is introduced to and she will continue to be one of TCX’s most trusted specialists in 2018. 


Two-way tie for THIRD PLACE:


Heather is the “Energizer Bunny” of Clinical Specialists as she is always full of energy and enthusiasm.  Her tireless approach to every engagement makes her one of the most productive CS in the TCX network, as she rarely takes a break until the day’s assignment is complete.  Her clinical acumen across many modalities gives her discernable versatility to confidently educate and train across a wide swath of product categories.  TCX clients repeatedly request Heather because they know they are going to get intelligence, personality and drive during each engagement …and she’s only just getting started with TCX. 


Judy is as passionate of a Clinical Specialist as there can be.  She has a genuine desire to ensure that all patients receive the best possible treatment, which is the feedback most often received about her from TCX clients.  Judy goes above and beyond in explaining how the merits of the product she is educating can make a difference to the practicing clinician and the patient.  She takes pride in preparing herself by getting to know her products, the company, the representatives, and the dynamics of the facility she is inservicing, and therefore ties her ultimate success to the success of the hospital and the client.  This is why Judy will continually be one of the most requested Clinical Specialists within TCX for years to come. 


Two-way tie for FIRST PLACE


Sharon embodies the spirit of a clinical educator as she strives to continually educate herself.  Whether preparing for an engagement or preparing for an academic exam, Sharon’s goal is to learn more everyday.  TCX clients revere her take-charge approach to engagements because she ensures that no stone is left unturned and everyone that should be educated within a facility is reached… regardless of how many hours have passed or what time of the day she finishes.  Sharon was only introduced to TCX in 2017, but she will be a valuable resource in 2018 and beyond. 


Deb is a TCX original.  She accepted assignments for some of TCX’s earliest engagements dating back to 2015 and has repeatedly demonstrated her value and versatility ever since.  There is no job too big or too small for Deb, and her approach to every engagement is the same – professional and fun.  There are few people that have more fun than Deb on an engagement, but her ability to find pleasure in any environment, is her true gift.  Her vast clinical acumen astounds most people, client and hospital staff alike, and her demeanor with everyone is always on-point.  Deb has become the most requested clinician at TCX because she is literally an expert in so many areas healthcare, and can confidently speak about the merits of virtually any product with tremendous ease.  This is why TCX clients are instantly comforted when they know she is on the job.  Deb has been a valued partner to TCX since 2015, and we hope that will never change. 


Thank you to the hundreds of clinicians across the country that registered with TCX in 2017 and accepted assignments on behalf of our clients.  Our growth is only limited by your contributions, meaning that we have no limit.  Our most special gratuities are reserved for those Clinical Specialists that were just named as you not only offered hours of service, but you contributed to TCX’s ever-growing reputation of quality and confidence.  Thank you to each of you for all you have done to get TCX to where it is today, and we cannot wait to thank you for your continued efforts in 2018!



Dear Clinician Partners,

Thank you for your incredible service to TCX in 2017!  We achieved new heights and significantly outperformed expectations based on your contributions.  As a result of your efforts, we have built a brand that has become synonymous with quality.  Some of you work with TCX in your “spare” time while many others have made TCX an increasing part of their “employment” plan.  Regardless of how you participate, you are working hard to improve healthcare with every assignment. 

Our medical-technology clients rely on TCX to ensure that their products are used optimally, thereby ensuring the highest efficacy and safety for patients.  These industry partners find themselves at a crossroads of one of the most dynamic eras in the history of healthcare. Success in today’s industry is bestowed upon those companies that instill the greatest amount of confidence in the quality of their products and company, while offering historically competitive prices.  Those companies that demonstrate the highest “Quality-to-Value” ratios will be the ones to achieve sustainable growth. TCX is the resource medtech organizations turn to when they need on-demand access to expertise in order to enhance customer experiences.  We in-turn rely on you, our clinician partners, to contribute your knowledge to ensure the safest possible outcomes with our clients’ products.  Thank you for “exchanging your expertise”.  We wouldn’t be who we are without you.

Happy 2018!

Best Regards,

Skender Daerti

President / Co-Founder



Nearly twenty years ago I began my career in nursing and nothing could have prepared me for the journey in front of me.  I look back in amazement at the work that’s been done, the professionals I’ve had the pleasure to work beside and all the advancements we made together.  It truly has been some ride!  And now, we at The Clinician Exchange are forging a new path, a new way to impact healthcare.  By ensuring access to clinical knowledge and expertise, we are creating an environment within healthcare in which information and education are dispensed with efficiencies never seen before. And again, we are doing it together. It is the clinician that makes this new journey possible and I am honored to be counted among you.   It is us, our entire TCX team, that is marching down this new path.  I can’t wait to look back in amazement once again.

Happy 2018!

Michael Anstett, RN

Chief Clinical Officer / Co-Founder

The Clinician Exchange 181 New Road., Parsippany, NJ 07054