on May 15, 2024 Insider MedTech Innovation

Revolutionizing Comfort in Healthcare

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Our team recently had the opportunity to catch up with Chat Razdan following his insightful appearance on the Medtech Business Academy Podcast. In this follow-up discussion, Chat delves deeper into the inspiration and mission fueling Care+Wear's revolutionary impact on both the physical and mental comfort of patients undergoing medical procedures. Here's a glimpse into our conversation:

The mission statement of your alma mater, the McDonogh School in Owings Mills, MD, is to provide “life-altering educational experiences that inspire personal and intellectual growth.” During the dozen years you spent at the school, what was your most life-altering educational experience that still inspires you to this day?

For me, it's undoubtedly the people I’ve met. We were a small class of ~120 students and all of those years together allowed us to create strong bonds. My teachers and classmates are still some of the first people to like our posts and help promote what we’re doing. With many of us now in New York, we’ve stayed in close contact, regularly exchanging ideas and support. It's been incredible to see some of the group even joining forces to launch businesses together. Whether it's celebrating personal victories or starting Care+Wear, it's these friends from my McDonogh School days who’ve been my biggest cheerleaders. 

You’ve described being inspired by nurses supporting their patient while you were observing a colonoscopy procedure in grade 11. What core characteristics did you see the nurses demonstrate that inspired you so much to commit to supporting and empowering both patients and healthcare professionals alike as your life’s vocation?

Nurses have been a source of inspiration for me since I was young, and their influence continues to shape Care+Wear every day. There are so many admirable qualities they possess, but if I had to pick a few, it would be their caring nature, compassion, and advocacy that really drives my work here. They're always going above and beyond, supporting patients through the most challenging time of their lives and often putting others' needs before their own without a second thought. These values align with what Care+Wear stands for and we strive to embody them in our mission.

What aspect of Care+Wear's offerings do you think competitors frequently overlook, and why do you believe it's crucial in setting your brand apart?

Care+Wear goes back to the basics of healthcare by putting patients and clinicians at the focal point of our design process. Our methodology is guided by our comprehensive three-pronged strategy, where input from patients, clinicians, and designers is integral across design, production, and testing phases. This collaborative approach not only sets us apart from competitors but most importantly ensures that our products address the evolving needs of today's patients and clinicians.

Reflecting on the inception of Care+Wear and its evolution over the years, what pivotal moments or challenges have shaped the company's path, and how do you see these experiences contributing to your continuing mission of humanizing healthcare?

Care+Wear was born from a personal mission of supporting loved ones navigating treatments. It was during this time that I had an "aha moment," realizing the vast potential of our products to impact not just a few individuals, but millions and even billions of people. Since then, we've broadened our scope from helping patients in specific treatments to impacting every facet of healthcare, from nurses to patients and caregivers alike. The ability to touch more lives and receive daily feedback from our community on how our products are making a difference in their experiences is what fuels our commitment to humanize healthcare.

Thank you Chat, Kelly, and Noelle for making this possible!



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