on January 24, 2023

Customer Experience as a Competitive Advantage

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To stand out in a market flooded with digital content and intense competition,  medtech brands are turning to personalized customer experiences to create a strategic advantage.  Medtech marketers are beginning to look at direct-to-consumer marketing solutions in a whole new light; there is recognition that modern medtech marketing initiatives need to mimic the experiential marketing campaigns of business-to-consumer brands. Artificial intelligence, digital content, and social media are formats that offer immediate impact and are widely accepted in many aspects of daily life, therefore it is only natural that they would creep into more traditional industries, such as medtech. 

The effectiveness of improving the customer experience cannot be overlooked:

In recent studies by Deloitte, they found that organizations that prioritize “the human experience” were twice as likely to outperform the competition.

Additionally, 80% of consumers are more likely to buy from a company that provides a tailored experience.

Since the pandemic, the push for personal and tailored marketing experiences has grown exponentially. Working from home limits human interaction, forcing brands to recreate these experiences in digital formats. We know business decision makers and end-users are searching for more robust human experiences that provide a deeper understanding of the content and a closer connection to the brand. More importantly they are looking for experiences that allow for open communication that supports and acknowledges their challenges and goals. 

How can medtech business leaders deliver a more memorable, impactful customer experience given the challenges of this nuanced industry and why is it so important?


Understanding “Customer Experience” within Medtech


Customer experience is defined as the journey a buyer takes from awareness to post-purchase;  including both digital and human exchanges and interactions.  Unlike customer service, which is just a small piece of the puzzle, customer experience (CX) is based on the entire buyer’s journey, including touchpoints from front line employees, sales reps, training, clinical education and typical sales and marketing processes. In medtech, the customer experience includes the buying decision or “ journey” your client is on AND their final destination: education, purchase; acceptance rates, renewals. The first hurdle brands must overcome is shifting from a customer service centric approach to a more robust, personal customer experience, similar to that of the direct-to-consumer market.


Creating Tailored Customer Experiences in Medtech


In medtech, the  customer experience is clinical, specialized and highly regulated; there is no one-size-fits-all blueprint approach. Additionally, every medtech brand has different requirements when it comes to clinical engagement; hence the need for advanced customization; a tailored approach. 

A tailored clinical approach solves the challenges of the brand and the end-user’s needs by building an experience that includes the three paradigms of medtech success: science, human experience, and engineering.

These tailored clinical experiences deliver a bigger impact, by providing more personal and consistent interactions at every touch point, from call centers, to training modules, to on-demand clinical engagements. In this way, brands can elevate the customer experience into something that is infinitely more impactful and that acts as a strategic advantage among the competition. 

What does a tailored clinical experience look like and how can medtech deploy this strategy to overcome marketers biggest challenges; attention scarcity? We will discuss that in our next blog post:

Part 2: How to Overcome Attention Scarcity through Tailored Clinical Experiences


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