on February 14, 2023

Overcoming Attention Scarcity in Medtech Marketing

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Wading through the onslaught of content can feel like walking through quicksand. Even within the medtech industry, where the buyers seek out educational materials to help make purchasing decisions, your ideal client can simply go online encountering endless, and sometimes contrary, information in regards to the product and services your medtech brand provides.  The digital economy is fighting for the attention of the medtech audience and it can feel like wading through quicksand. Attention scarcity is perhaps the biggest challenge medtech marketers face, especially when combined with a tightening of budgets and less face-to-face interaction with end users and decision makers. Content overload makes it challenging for overwhelmed marketing teams to create momentum through the use of traditional marketing materials.  Simultaneously, sales reps are often stretched too far to even achieve regular and meaningful touchpoints with clients. Facing these challenges, how can medtech create and distribute educational and clinical content that really makes an impact?

As a sales organization, the goal is to create clinical marketing experiences that overcome attention scarcity by silencing the noise that surrounds the end-user. One solution is to re-introduce the human variable; combining science, engineering and human experience that delivers an impactful  marketing experience. Modern marketers understand that the human connection remains as important and relevant as ever, albeit delivered in a digitally enhanced package.

Experiential marketing techniques focus on live consumer engagement activities that create meaningful interactions with the end-user. In theory, this approach is unique and engaging, but medtech marketers face major challenges executing these human-to-human interactions. With those challenges in mind, let’s dive into how medtech marketers can deploy human clinical experiences into every aspect of their go-to-market strategies in a way that combats attention scarcity.


The 360 Degree View of the Client: Combat Attention Scarcity through On-Demand Market Research

A recent article in LinkedIn explains the difference between traditional market research and “Voice of the Customer” research; defining VOC as “continuously gathering feedback about recent experience from all customers.

Additionally, Harvard Business Review recently reported that most B2B purchasing decisions rely on a committee of decision makers, “three tiers; the Ultimate approvers who own the decision; a core buying committee that does the research and runs the process; and internal influencers, including end users, who provide comments on vendors and products.”

And therein lies the challenge. Traditional market research no longer sufficiently provides a 360 degree view of the client, nor does it include right combinations of participants

Across the product life cycle, from research and development to product launch strategy, market research drives the next phase of the cycle. By inviting the right combination clinicians into the conversation, medtech brands can pivot quickly and make moves ahead of the competition, while developing go-to-market strategies that connect immediately with the end-user.  A new approach to medtech market research that includes on-demand, scalable access to a wider population of decision makers, clinicians and key opinion leaders allows medtech marketers to make better, faster and more informed go-to-market plans that resonate with their core audience. 

On-Demand Clinical Engagement: Beyond the Sales Rep

Medtech end-users form deeper connections with the sales rep; they want an advocate; an in-person evangelist. In fact, 88% of B2B buyers only purchase when they see a salesperson as a “trusted advisor”.

In a saturated marketplace, consider the benefits of an on-site clinical brand ambassador. Per diem educators are often viewed as a prime solution for a successful medtech organization's growth "challenges".  These educators provide the experience and one on one or group training that can shift the perspective of the buyer and increase brand trust and loyalty. 

eLearning Solutions for the Medtech Industry, Created BY the Medtech Industry

Anyone in medtech can relate to signing on to a CE course with the goal of trying to simply finish the training as quickly as possible. Dime-a-dozen eLearning modules are simply not equipped to capture or convey the nuances of the medtech industry, whereas fully integrated courses and training with high levels of clinical content that require so much customization they are no longer financially viable. The end result is often an eLearning program that is boring, uninspiring and does little to increase brand trust or even basic brand recognition; a perfect example of content overload. 

Recognizing the need for better solutions, our leadership team set out to create clinical eLearning modules aligned with the needs of medtech marketers. 

As a learning partner, comfortable and experienced in the healthcare industry, our experts can source, build and distribute eLearning solutions that deliver a better experience for healthcare end-users, a long-term strategy that increases brand loyalty, increases sales and reduces cost. By leveraging augmented (AR) and virtual reality (VR) solutions, The Clinician eXchange can provide our clients the most advanced customer education technologies available.  The powerful convergence of human expertise, digital tactics, science and engineering creates a powerful marketing message that cuts through the noise of modern healthcare marketing and keeps the attention of the audience. 

Tailored Clinical Experience: Internal & External Advantages Medtech Can’t Ignore

Competitive advantages are driven by access, technology and speed; all of which are at your fingertips with the solutions provided by The Clinician eXchange. We help our clients build medtech marketing and learning solutions that are backed by cutting edge technology and unmatched clinical expertise. By creating one of a kind clinical experiences that can be applied to external marketing campaigns and internal strategy and planning, we offer the medtech industry a unique ability to deliver impactful experiences.


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