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A New Perspective on Med-Tech Marketing

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Has the ground below us shifted once again? Thanks to the turbulent nature of health care, Med-Tech sales and marketing initiatives require agility, which can only occur when organizations have their finger on the pulse of the market.

This is best achieved through a consistent on-site presence, such as clinician training and in-service initiatives.

The challenge is sourcing the right experts for each nuanced initiative. Dealing with bottlenecks internally and getting the right experts on-site at the critical moment is a common challenge.

One option? A flexible, on-demand clinical team. This new perspective on Med-Tech Marketing is best explained through the voice of those who experience it every day. 

In this article, you'll hear from, Deb, H.,  one of our clinical entrepreneurs, on how she makes a difference for her Med-Tech clients.

On Considering Clinical Entrepreneurship

“To me, this was my chance to get out of the “silo” and make a difference; see what’s really happening in the rest of the medical world.”

The Potential for Greater Self-Fulfillment

When I was first considering joining The Clinician Exchange, I was primarily looking for potential growth opportunities. First, I wanted to gain experience with new and different facilities. More importantly, I wanted to feel pride and fulfillment in accomplishing my assigned tasks and enjoying success with my clients.


Challenges that Build Confidence

Working with TCX has provided me with challenges along with confidence.  Unexpected challenges do occur, and they make me better at my job. These “surprises” make you adaptable and flexible and in the end, a better, more confident clinician.

Today, I know I am ready for any challenge.

So, of course, this career offers financial gain, but even more so, professional growth.

Merging Human Experience & Technical Competence

The TCX clinicians aren’t newbies. We are professional, experienced clinicians actively working in the medical field.  Our clinicians know how to function in a clinical setting. We can follow the institutions hospital policies while still understanding the best clinical practices.

These experiences allow us to apply life experience, which boosts our technical expertise and improves communication with clients.

On the Unexpected Benefits of Clinical Entrepreneurship

“I contribute to solving big problems and improving an organization, as the healthcare industry evolves around us.”

A Steady Connection in a Turbulent Environment

The healthcare environment is turbulent, so I need to anticipate changes, recognize external forces, and meet the needs of the market. I've learned this will greatly enhance the chances of success. TCX appeared at just the right moment in healthcare, since they can provide a solution to the turbulence.

There is Nothing I Cannot Accomplish

When I complete a project, I make sure the client feels I have met and exceeded their expectations. There is a lot of autonomy in this career, and integrity. I always want to be a representation of TCX; professional and knowledgeable.

Is it hard sometimes? Yes, but the benefits outweigh the negatives.

Flexible Solutions Improve Everyone’s Result

Obviously, the fact that the clients don’t need to lock into a year long or permanent hire is a benefit to the organization. But it also allows the industry to easy tap into specialized knowledge and training,

I believe this work model improves organizational growth and profitability and is a great way of achieving more efficient, flexible, and adaptable management.

On Building Brand (and Customer) Loyalty

“Technology is awesome, but hands on experience is a requirement for success. Remember, sometimes you are in a facility where the audience has not had a choice in what you are presenting and teaching. You’ve got to have compassion and really listen to their needs.”

The Importance of In-Service Training

In the end, with In-Service Training, the more hands on you can be, the better it resonates. You’ve got to actually play with the product and allow the staff time to do that too.

Creating a Positive Reception from the Onset

The difference between myself and a sales rep is that I am less scripted and more natural. This is because I can come at it from a clinician’s perspective.  

As a clinical educator, I perform live; I can be hands on with a patient. I fully understand the nursing perspective and the issues that can arise. This usually creates a more positive reception, from what I have seen.

The Two Most Critical Elements of Med-Tech Product Training

One is obviously knowing about the product and two is having compassion.clinical-staffing-ondemand

You need to really be understanding of your audience's needs. I need to be mindful of the experience, or lack of, within my audience. I am confident with the product, so I can make it comfortable and easy to learn and alleviate any anxieties about the learning process.  

My ultimate goal is success and understanding.  Remember to have a heart and use empathy. This helps to break down barriers so you can be successful with your teaching.  The more comfort that you can display, the better. This will allow an easier flow of learning for your audience, because they can gain trust and confidence in what I am telling them.

On the Realities of On-Site Deployment

“I never forget my main role is to make everyone comfortable with my product. After all,  If I am not  successful teaching them about the product, why would a facility want to keep it?”

The Importance of Consistent, Professional Communication

Some things are simple. For example, always touch base with both the sales rep and contact person at the facility to let them know that you have arrived.  Coordinate a plan of where to meet. Discuss what they would like you to do or how to approach certain contacts. Learn a history of what they have been doing; what their goals are.

I am an Extension of the Sales Team

If I am on-site, I know the sales rep has obviously spent time in the facility to get the product in. They’ve done the legwork, now it is my role to secure adaption of the product. I am there to back up the rep and make sure their hard work pays off.

The Key is to Alleviate All Anxiety

Remember, not every situation is the same. If you sense anxiety, or uncertainties about a product, you’ve got to completely alleviate it.


On Being Successful as a Clinical Entrepreneur 


“Get them to smile. It may be fairy dust, but you need to get them to that “ah-ha” moment.”

Personal Vs Professional Success

Personally, I want to be the very best that I can, to sprinkle a ‘little fairy dust’ and make people smile. I also want to be physically fit and healthy!

Professionally, I want to teach and have people “get it”. I’ve completed my nursing education with and have my BSN. At this point in my life and career, what more can that do for me? It’s all about personal and professional accomplishment!

My  Most Rewarding Project

Probably way back in Virginia, I had two older nurses that weren’t given a choice, but had to learn ultrasound and how to place midlines.  They were pulled off of the IV team and I was assigned to get them up to speed. I was expecting that they had some training with ultrasound, but nope. They had NONE. By the end of the week, I had them midline trained!


The Clinician Exchange: Your Partner in Clinical Entrepreneurship

Curious about how experienced clinicians like Deb can assist in your next in-training? Reach out to us to learn more about our scalable solutions and our nationwide database of experienced clinicians.

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