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6 Strategies for Successful Omnichannel MedTech Marketing

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“Your brand is a story unfolding at multiple touchpoints.”- Jonah Sa

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Never has this quote been more relevant than in the current marketplace. Medtech companies are operating in an increasingly digitized environment, while simultaneously being challenged to meet the needs of stakeholders now accustomed to on-demand, personalized service.

Creating a consistent and repeatable customer experience, regardless of touch point, is critical for medtech marketers.

This is referred to as Omnichannel marketing, but in the medtech community, it is the ability of a brand to build a tailored customer experience and deploy it as a competitive advantage.

A tailored customer experience is centered around providing relevant and personalized content, combined with on-demand access, which is achievable using the following four strategies, each of which can be efficiently managed through the The Clinician eXchange (TCX) suite of services.

Develop a 360 Degree View of the Stakeholder


The first step in developing an omnichannel marketing strategy is to fully understand the challenges your clients are facing and how to align your services and products to meet solve those challenges.

This includes:

  • Having access to the right stakeholders
  • The ability to refine products and services earlier in the product life cycle
  • Building a panel of key opinion leaders
  • The ability to quickly identify, ask and receive feedback from multiple stakeholders, each representing a different touch point of the sales cycle

The traditional approach to medtech market research no longer fits the timelines or budgets of the modern marketplace. On-demand access, faster turnarounds and quickly changing healthcare environments demand a better approach.

The Clinician eXchange answers that need through our community of clinicians and our tech-forward approach. 

Build a Community of Healthcare Stakeholders, Clinicians, and Key Opinion Leaders

Our exchange of over 15,000 clinical experts provides quick and targeted access to exactly who you need to speak to, when you need to speak to them. 

Consider the ability to:

  • Query a panel of physicians or nurses considered leaders in their clinical specialties
  • Hear from the true “voice of the customer” via end-user surveys
  • Speak to representative user at each touchpoint of the buying process
  • Access a panel of “on-demand” speakers for events and conferences

Develop Actionable Insights On-Demand
In addition to accessing expert clinicians, TCX provides fast and affordable tools for assembling and collecting insights on-demand, including Voice of Customer surveys, needs assessments, interviews, and focus groups.

By combining our database of clinicians with our ability to provide in-person and online market research, our market research capabilities, which we call IntelligeX, provide the solution you’ve been searching for. 

Embrace the Human Component

While digitized experiences are the new normal, the complexity of medtech demands a human component; a scalable brand ambassador. 

This low cost model of on-site clinical engagement perfectly suits the need of medtech marketers looking to align their go-to-market approach with the new buying processes, while increasing brand awareness and loyalty. 

Let us explain.

Decision makers and stakeholders within the healthcare industry hold a variety of positions, often with different priorities, needs and goals associated with the purchasing decision. The ability to have a clinical expert on-site provides the support required to meet both clinical and operational expectations. The ability to support your products in-suite, with an expert clinician working side-by-side with end-users is an undeniable boost to your brand. 

In the past, this expense would have been far too great a weight for most budgets, but by engaging our suite of expert clinicians on-demand, you can deliver these experts into the field, when and where you most need them, on an entirely scalable model.

Maintain Brand Consistency 

Brand consistency is more than colors and fonts. The interactions and experiences your stakeholder has with your brand throughout the entire customer journey plays a large role in maintaining brand consistency.

In a multi-device, multi-screen world, the challenge is providing a consistent experience, tailored to the needs of your stakeholder, at any given time, in any given channel.

Multiple partner and vendor relationships don’t always integrate seamlessly, and can’t provide economies of scale. Imagine the benefits of having your brand, and your customer experience being managed and enhanced under one umbrella of digital and human experiences. 

From call center management, to custom online training modules, TCX has the ability to bring every aspect of your customer experience into one hub exponentially expanding your ability to service your stakeholders while maintaining brand consistency at every step of the customer journey.

Breakthrough Customer Experiences iStock-1159740389

What is the driver of customer loyalty? Within our organization, it is a reliable commitment to excellence; the ability to create breakthrough customer experiences. 

That commitment begins with our clients, and their experience with The Clinician eXchange. The excellence we provide in providing a valuable experience to our clients, is replicated in the experience your stakeholders receive. 

What is a breakthrough customer experience? 

  • It could be a new webinar that attracts and converts new leads through social media. 
  • It could be a custom training module that saves thousands in on-site expenses. 
  • It could be a call center staffed with expert clinicians that can instantly diagnose and problem solve, instead of reading a series of scripted prompts. 
  • It could be an on-site Clinical Brand Ambassador (CBA) introducing, training and gaining buy-in from a skeptical audience. 
  • It could be gaining access to a previously unknown Key Opinion Leader that wows your audience.
  • It could be challenging assumptions about your stakeholder through on-demand focus groups.

At TCX, we are committed to creating breakthrough customer experiences, like the ones listed above, on behalf of your brand. We are eager to learn more about your challenges, and how our suite of clinical services can be tailored to overcome those challenges.  

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