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The MReX suite of market research capabilities span from round table discussions to key opinion leader development. 
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Your Questions Can’t Wait for Answers

Are you still holding out for the next “big event” to get your answers? While waiting to attend a trade show or conference to host a focus group used to be the only way to gain insight, in today’s age of information, the market won’t wait.


You Need Actionable Insights


TCX is there for you when you need answers most. The MReX suite of market research capabilities span from round table discussions to key opinion leader development. Anytime, any question, you can rest assured knowing you’ll get the insight you need.

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market research
network of clinicians

Our network of nurses and doctors are the decision-makers and the subject matter experts that can best guide product development and marketing strategy. 


By leveraging the speed of technology with the eXperience of the TCX clinical network, MReX quickly connects you to experts in the field.

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better data

Efficient & Insightful Decision Making

Better data yields better results. Access the insights, behaviors and opinions of over 9,000 clinical eXperts.

 The medtech market evolves quickly, making on-demand market research more important than ever. Reduce expenses, prevent costly errors and discover valuable insights with MReX Market Research Solutions, including panel discussions and advisory board development.

How It Works: 

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