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TCX COVID-19 2020

COVID Commotion: Interview with our Speakers

COVID-19 exposed weaknesses in care processes now more than ever.  We help identify ways to reduce patient contact while optimizing patient care and o...

TCX COVID-19 2020


The first thing I do when sitting down at my desk in the morning is run through my email to prioritize items for the day. One of my favorite aspects o...

TCX Continuing Education Elearning 2020

Webinar: Optimized Vascular Access in the COVID-19 Patient

TCX Continuing Education Elearning 2020

TCX WebX Speaker Tips

At The Clinician Exchange, we want every webinar we host to offer the greatest experience for our hosts/panelists, clients, and audience participants....

Clinician TCX GuestAuthor COVID-19 2020

This Frontline Nurse's Perspective

This blog post was guest authored by one of our Clinical Brand Ambassadors, wishing to remain anonymous due to fears of repercussions.    Tuesday, Mar...

Clinician 2018 TCX GuestAuthor

Forbes: Nurse Practitioner Demand Surges As Insurers Push Retail Care

Bruce Japsen: Forbes Contributor  

Clinician 2018 TCX GuestAuthor

Fighting a Silent Epidemic: Clinician Burnout

Alleviating Burnout Among Physicians & Clinicians She will never forget that decision or that patient. In an anonymous TED podcast, a physician re...

Clinician 2018 TCX

The Nurse Entrepreneur

What it does it mean to be a Nurse Entrepreneur Nurses represent approximately 80% of the healthcare workforce. You will find nurses in nearly every m...

Insider 2018 TCX MedTech Innovation

Custom Tailored Sales

We’ve all been raised in an industry where the theory is that you build an organization’s resources and then you go to market utilizing the strengths ...

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